Balenciaga release Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow

Balenciaga has found a new way to present its Fall 2021 collection. On Sunday, Dec. 6, the luxury brand will release Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow, a video game featuring the collection set in 2031. The game will release on December 6 and sets the record for “for the largest volumetric video project ever undertaken” by Balenciaga.

High-tech futurism has long been a theme in shows by Gvasalia, the Georgian designer who has made Balenciaga one of the hottest brands in fashion. The move to a video game format signals a larger trend in the industry, as fashion struggles to find its bearings in virtual runway show formats.

The decision marks the latest radical departure from the classical show format which has dominated fashion for the past century, as brands strive to develop new visual configurations in the midst of the Covid pandemic, which has led to the cancellation of the vast majority of actual live catwalk events all over the planet in 2020.