Immediately after the interview, make notes of anything you may have overlooked and note the questions where you may have struggled with the answers. Think of the qualifications the employer is looking for and match your strengths to them.

Make sure you are fully aware of the next stage after your interview. When and how they will contact you (via Trident Bassett Consultants), how many will be short listed for another interview, when that will be, what do they see as their first priority, how quickly do they want someone on board etc…

Immediately after the interview, write a follow-up letter to the interviewer, thanking them for your meeting, listing the primary job tasks as you understand them and how you can meet those tasks. You would welcome a second interview etc. – not too long – try to make it a page.

I hope these notes will give you a few ideas on how to have a successful interview. The main thing is to rehearse, act out the interview with your friends, partner, or even the mirror!

Finally, always give me a call at the earliest opportunity after the interview to give me your feedback and comments.